About us

Our school was founded in 1994, it operates as a registered UK charity (registered charity no. 1059715) and is open to all who are interested in the Finnish language or culture.

Our school days start at 1030 and generally finish at 1230. We have a coffee break between lessons where we run a cafe and shop allowing our members to buy Finnish goods and delicacies.

For those wanting to get to grips with the Finnish language, we run the following classes (our current fee schedule is available on our join us page):

  • Infants (under 3s)
    • Music group / muskari
  • Children
    • 3 – 5 years
    • 5 – 7 years
    • 7 years +
  • Adults
    • Beginners
    • Advanced

The school is a charitable unincorporated association of members, of which we maintain approximately forty adults. The school is partly grant-funded by Suomi Seura (the Finnish society), we are managed by our board of trustees and governed by our constitution, which is freely available online. Our trustees for the 2022/3 academic year are:

  • Timo Rinttila (Chair)
  • Minna Woodward (Deputy Chair)
  • Satu Glaser (Secretary)
  • Emilia Leah

  • Simon Arnell (Treasurer)
  • Eeva Forde
  • Matti Kohonen (Shopkeeper)
  • Sebastian Puncher
Enjoying treats at break time.

Suomikoulu palvelee kaikkia suomalaisia ja Suomesta sekä suomenkielestä kiinnostuneita ikään tai kansalaisuuteen katsomatta. Tarjoamme Englantiin muuttaneille tai jo täällä asuville kokonaan tai osittain suomalaisille perheille turvallisen yhteisön.

Tarjoamme suomenkielistä opetusta lapsille (muskarin alle 3-vuotiaille, kouluryhmät 3-5-vuotiaille, 5-7-vuotiaille ja yli 7-vuotiaille) sekä vieraskielisille aikuisille, sekä vaalimme suomalaista kulttuuria ja perinteitä.